Abaris the Hyperborean

Abaris the Hyperborean
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An ice blue vest, the long blond hair. The tall figure holds a golden arrow. His name is Abaris , the magician . Apollo’s priest and disciple. He came to Greece from the undefined northern lands. He carried the bow and the arrow. He casted spells, he made prophecies. He died and turned into a crow and then flew away. He reappeared after centuries. He taught Pythagoras all that the ancients knew. In front of him, the King is seated. He is listening carefully to the stranger. Beyond him, the complex architecture of the City, the logic, the ideal of civilization itself. Modernity. The concept of time. Abaris is from a place that is nowhere and immense, as the cold wind can be. No time. Just space. From Abaris’ teachings, from Pythagoras himself, Zalmoxis the Magician learned his own spells, that could enable his servants to survive their own death.

Zalmoxis Project

Abaris the Hyperborean