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Max und Moritz
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This painting is a deeply contradictory one. Its title stems from the proto-cartoon published in Germany in the second half of 19th century, representing the adventures of two rebellious kids. The two ones at right and left. But give a look at the central figure and freeze. A man with a Nazi military hat, makeup and lipstick on, embraces the two kids (both of them in a paramilitary attain. There is no tenderness in his gesture, just domain and lust. This is historical, this comes from a photograph in the early ‘30s. No matter who this man was, some credit he was actually the same Gerhard Rossbach otherwise portrayed. The most disturbing sign is the big heart(gold on red) on the side. A remind of not unwillingly disposition of the two kids. As some psychoanalytic reading, this is not a top-down relation, but a seductive trap instead. If you were so positively impressed at the first sight, now it’s time to get frozen. Because Evil is everywhere, and never away from Good.

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Max und Moritz