The tsarist officer’s mistress

The tsarist officer’s mistress
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A frozen night in the immense plains of Russia. A nowhere place. The ravaging civil war. Tsarists against Bolsheviks. Against anarchists and all sorts of local ephemeral powers. White Russian generals and armies at odds against each other The czar and his family already massacred in Ekaterinenburg. No chance to win, still the officer is stylish and arrogant in his uniform. The place: a barrack, an expropriated house. A hotel. A village, a small town out of nowhere. The immensity of Russia all around. An armored train waiting to leave. The officer lights a cigarette. She’s just woke up, stirring. He is ready to leave. She does not realize, yet. Will she stay alone for long? Will they expatriate together and live a refugee’s life in France or in Serbia, poor still elegant couple? Or he will be shot dead? Arrogant officer, no victory’s awaiting for you. This is a sad song, this is a song of violence, desperation and loneliness. She doesn’t guess, she will be raped by the Reds or end up whoring in Nice. Meeting some old man with money. Starting a new life. Forgetting all this past time, gone in a few months. Buried under the frozen Russian land. Train don’t leave. Darling, please, stay. Light me a cigarette too.

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The tsarist officer’s mistress