Demon of War (gen. Walter Krüger)

Demon of War (gen. Walter Krüger)
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This is a good companion of the aged saturnine judge. This is the Man of Violence. As in the real life of Walter Krüger, who fought three wars, gave his fair share to the devastation of Ukraine and Russia, trained and led Waffen SS, was in the siege of Stalingrad. His eyes were clear and cold as old ice, his posture was between fierce and unkempt. He was portrayed by official photographers with all his medals and insignia, the fur collared coat and his high officer’s SS hat slightly tilted back. On the background, a burned down Ukrainian farm. I don’t need to speak, his posture said by itself: I dare. I don’t care. I have a lust for blood. I’ll have a dance with Death. He was in the Courland Pocket, encircled by the overwhelming Soviets. He did not surrender. He shot himself dead. I’ll have a dance with Death.

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Demon of War (gen. Walter Krüger)