Imperator Maximilianus I (after A. Dürer)

Imperator Maximilianus I (after A. Dürer)
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Grandfather to the Emperor Carl V, Maximilianus I von Absburg , as in the original by Dürer, he holds a pomegranate in his left hand, his features more than distinguishable. The prominent chin, the so called Absburg chin that came from princess Cymburgis of Masovia. This to distinguish the personage of the portrait. But his own meanings go much further. The seasoned face, the cold eyes of long lasting power, the aged man who still will survive many and many young men, he is the one who will judge all of them. Pitiless eyes. Harsh, pitiless, yet formal. No more desires, even of glory. Just the coldness of power. And, implicit, his own life lasting longer than Death. Oldness is a decay that turns most men into dust, but some few can be turned into a bronze statue. He is Saturn, the old and merciless judge.

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Imperator Maximilianus I (after A. Dürer)