Liegende Frau

Liegende Frau
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Back to the ‘20s. Germany. Weimar Republic. Chaos. Creativity beyond limits. Music. Movies. Art. Poetry. Feel the rhythm, the magic of those years. Anything later in art was a Deja-vu . This painting is dedicated to the quasi-homonymous Liegende Maedchen by Erich Heckel, now in the Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich. The woman on the red sofa is sort of shielding herself, yet her colors and body are preposterous. A Mediterranean beauty, nothing to share with the androgynous women of Berlin in the ‘20s. A homage, but a distance too. Bright blue, flaming red. There’s no calmness, no quiet, as it was in Berlin at the times of Weimar Republic, when a popular song said "I sold my granny’s house, that money will give me fun for tonight, who cares about tomorrow".

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Liegende Frau