Rêves (Blue Tucano)

Rêves (Blue Tucano)
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The scene is all about love: idealized, reached and then vanished. A complex scene, intertwined. A big billboard displays an embracing couple , the movie title says “Starlite Lovers”. Hollywood-like. A close couple talking at a bar stand, like a love story at its very beginning. A he-she on the right, very self- sufficient, a narcissistic gaze into nothing. A girl is giving a sad look back at something or someone we don’t actually see, she is going away, she’s beautiful, but her hopes went lost. A very sad character. Women know a lot more than men about enduring love. Close up : Blue Tucano, a fictional night club recurring also in some other paintings. A row of fashionable motorcycles. San Francisco is the romantic yet glittering background,

Zalmoxis Project

Rêves (Blue Tucano)