Elias Canetti

Grunewald Tryptich, right. A gigantic wandering Jew. Sephardite, from Bulgary. German- educated, german-writing, then British. Philosopher, writer. His capital work Masse und Macht (Crowds and Power) was first conceived while

Ernst Von Salomon

Grunewald Tryptich, left. German writer, adolescent voluntary soldier in post-war Weimar-times clashes, “poet of the Freikorps”. When only nineteen, he was involved in the assassination of Walther Rathenau – then

Walther Rathenau

Gurnewald Tryptich, center. German industrialist, philosopher and politician Walther Rathenau was a giant of his times. A democratic patriot of post-war Germany, Weimar years, he might have changed history. Hi

The Chariot

This is my favorite trump tarot card. It depicts both the triumphal chariot, and also the unveiling of a feminine Deity. Just listen to its hum, meet her and fall

Anna & Fernanda

A ragtop-down cherry red 60s Camaro, two models, Arizona and New Mexico’s deserts, unbound horizons. Just, getting away from all this.

From the sea

A night on the Baltic Sea, centuries ago – but tall buildings looming on it may indicate dystopia. In my heart, it is also a mysterical view of Mantua from

Dancing Maenad II

Wild in the woods, they danced at the moonlight. Dionysus – the Eleutherios, the one who lets free – lead the dance. Music, wine. Disrespect of lives, Maenads tore and

Je suis le feu follet

A vision of the underworld. In European folklore, Will-o’-the-Wisp is considered a supernatural manifestation and sometimes the spirit of a dead. Also, the title of most celebrated novel by the


The immense sacred ash tree that linked the nine worlds in Norse cosmology Four runes are displayed at the corners.


Acrylics on loose tissue applied on canvas An ancient writing, it might be a spell, whose significance has been forgotten in millennia.

Albrecht Dürer

The famous self-portrait of the German painter, by itself some sort of blasphemy for the implicit parallel between the painter and Jesus Christ, here turned into a pop-style icon painted

Warrior King

Spray paint and acrylics on metal cabinet door Recto (front): warrior king Verso (back): fragments by Heraclitus of Ephesus.


Spray paint and acrylics on metal cabinet door Recto (front): letter Bet with vocal signs. Verso (back): poem by Yehuda Halevi.

Lettow-Vorbeck’s black fighter

The same subject as in 107, an African soldier, previously enlisted to Gen. Lettow-Vorbeck’s former Army, followed his commander to Germany after the Great War’s defeat, and took part in

Drive Thru (Lettow & Vorbeck’s)

A funny painting, this one. The story behind it: Lettow Vorbeck, general of the Imperial German Army during World War I. He commanded the German forces in the East Africa

Maximilianus I Imperator

He stays, old beyond age. The powerful, the unforgiving. The merciless judge. The face with no eyes . The scrawny face. The long arched nose. The prominent chin of his


The almost homonymous Les Négresses Vertes, the French group, is somewhat a coincidence. Dark skin is nice to be painted in blue, or in green – as in this case.


The palm tree, an icon from Mario Schifano’s paintings and from the streets of LA. The red design sofa. All this is both trendy and cozy. The spray paint writing,


The beautiful widow has seduced the enemy’s commander Holophernes. He fell drunk and asleep. She beheaded him in his drunken dreams. It’s a story of blood, sex and vengeance. Here

Radiographie du Rêve

A literary tribute to Milorad Pavic. An winter escapee from Stalinist Russia arrives in Riga where, walking on a desert and frozen street at night, he sees this notice in