This is a highly symbolic representation of the archaic symbolism of the Bull. It links, from its very own title, to the astrologic representation of the Taurus sign. So the

Paumgartner altarpiece – Left Wing – Hl. Georg

Left wing of the original and also of the huge (400.150 cm) actual remake of the paumgartner Altarpiece by Albrecht Dürer. St. George is an aging warrior, burdened by years,

Paumgartner altarpiece – Central piece – Hl. Joseph and Mary

A holy mystery is the scene: a genuflected St. Joseph faces a pregnant Virgin Mary, his arms open to accept, himself ready to submit to God’s Will. This son to

Was heisst denken

The title is out of a book by Martin Heidegger, the great although controversial German Philosopher. A bed on the right is undone. Some books lying on the bedside table.

Paumgartner Altarpiece – Right Wing – Hl. Eustachius

As from Albrecht Dürer’s masterwork, this wing represents a warrior-saint. St. Eustace’s seasoned but still ephebic appearance, his almost dancing posture and the Hubertus Cross on the flag , both

Dreaming in Cuban

The title comes from the homonymous novel by Cristina Garcia. In the novel, Pilar Puente -a punk artist emigrated to NY – goes to a Lou Reed’s concert. It is

Dionysus (Jump)

The loss of oneself. No ego. No past. No future. The last step along the path of initiation. Nothing will be the same, afterwards. A delicate woman, rose and green,

Gen. Lavr Georgiyevich Kornilov

Lavr Kornilov was esthetically interesting. Out of an oriental yet complicated breed, albeit his mother having been Polish. He was short and wiry compared to his fellow commanders. He was

Zinaida Serebriakova

A more than full size nude, directly inspired by the self-portrait of the Russian (Ukrainian ) – French painter. All the theme is on the variations on blue hues, from

Dancing Satyr

This imposing dancer in metal hues (gold, copper, bronze) is stepping as a moving monolith, amidst a flourishing yet undefined landscape. His dance is sacred, look at the retropulsion of

Lilia ‘Nguyen

A star-like portrait, dedicated to a real life charming lady. Daughter of a noble Vietnamese emigrated to France, and of his French wife, she was crowned in a nationwide beauty

My dark places

From title to the depicted scene, this painting is a homage to the homonymous American writer James Ellroy’s autobiographic book. A compelling albeit disturbing account of the author’s search of

Vladimir Putin as a Byzantine Emperor

A horse-mounted portrait, wearing a golden mask as eastern roman emperors did in parades. Moscow is the third Rome, after Rome and Constantinople, as a legitimate inheritance of eastern Christianity,

Walter Krüger (expressionist version)

This is one out of two portraits of the same character. As it is the statement of ambivalence between good and evil, this is a no-mocking yet playful portrait, the

Dancer on Red

This young dancer, assumedly a pretty and tall young beauty, is a Maenad. Red is the color of torn flesh and blood. Her dance is innocent, as someone who dances

St. George (Hans von Marées)

Hans von Marées painted St. George as a knight riding a rearing up horse. The horse by itself is a Theme. The horse is a God and a way to


Red china ink (pen nib) on white cementite, canvas. There is no way out from this painting. It’s a story, written in a labyrinthine way. It’s no happy ending story,

Lou Reed

From the cover of the album Street Hassle (1976). One of the most famous and iconic photographic portraits of the late poet, musician and singer. Lou Reed’s ambiguity, his dark

Silver Horse on Purple

Horse as a beautiful, strong native energy. Horse can be a God, in nomadic cultures. Shamanism honors horses, shamans themselves can turn into horses ride in fly to the world

Sitting Woman (BG)

A lonely woman, almost melancholic. Yet so peculiar, even if not properly a common sense beauty. Loneliness dominates this big portrait. Each color is peculiar; ivory is not white, black