Le Roi des Aulnes

The Erl King, by Michel Tournier. A most amazing novel by a most amazing French writer. A huge man mounted an immense black horse rides across Prussia, stealing youths from

El lobo (after Cormac McCarthy)

The wolf is an icon. The wolf is a totemic animal and demigod. Many clans of warriors, ancient armies, Rome itself and their Dacian rivals, the Turks and the Mongols

A House in Taos

Northeastern New Mexico. A land of magic and a colony of artists. An isolated house in the chaparral. As an old Spanish fortress. Sunset colors, warm weather, the fragrance of

The Bloody Baron (Roman F. von Ungern-Sternberg, II)

Soldier, German-Baltic, an old family. Czarist. He was unruly, bloodthirsted, and magic. He had a personal vengeance to take against the Bosheviks: his young wife massacred in their residence in

Forstinspektor von Schoenberg (after von Rayski)

Louis Ferdinand Von Raisky, celebrated portraitist of the gentry of Saxonia and Franconia, his same class of origin. The original of this portrait is displayed in Munich. The choice of


In an underwater kingdom, a Princess is graciously seated. Her long, embroidered robe, sparkling with polychrome gems, merges with the surrounding sea. A giant scallop, purple red and gold, is

Serbian Princess

Acrylics on paper on canvas She is hieratic and distant, some ten centuries between us. She is still standing, with that byzantine holy attire and the gilded Aureola. She is

Nights in Savannah

Savannah, GA. It’s a warm late night in August. An intersection, we standing by. A thunder, we turn and see. It’s a shimmering stretched custom bike, say S&S engine and

Gen. Baron P. N. ‘Vrangel

He had that peculiar look. Amazingly tall for his times, he always towered above his fellow officers. Charismatic, faithful to his ideals, the Bolshevik winners of the Great Civil War

Kharkov, 1943

A German soldier, one of the terrible Waffen SS, is smoking a cigarette while looking far away in a snowy landscape. Germans captured, lost, retook and then lost the strategic

Looking back at the youth

Maybe it’s Brooklyn Heights. A luxury apartment. A huge window and a long velvet curtain still allowing a magnificent view on the Island. It’s night, not too late though. A

Hans von Manteuffel

Baron Hans von Manteuffel, captain in the Baltisches Landeswehr, the Baltic Territorial Army at the orders of General Count Ruediger von der Goltz, which unified the armed forces of Couronian

I am the Vampire

The City. The Night. A couple embracing, in a kiss. The AC Cobra, flaming red beauty. The yellow Camaro. A lonely figure walking towards us. A most striking vampire, a

Hagel, Ned

Hagel (precipitation) and Ned (need) were the runes associated with the course of the ominous Sirius. The man is a loner, he is meditating his sufferings, he is looking for

Legendary Hearts

A song and an LP by Lou Reed. This poet of rock’n’roll theorized a joyful renounce to thinking, to poetizing . As much as Pier Paolo Pasolini equated, in his


An ancient City burning, the red of flames through the windows of the belfry, the red-lighted palace. The warrior, a chief. Ram horns decorating his helmet. The flaming sun decorating


Leyla, trendy restaurant in downtown Manhattan. See the princely model, BG, sprawled on a design sofa. The coconut palm, in this variant the blue tiger’s head decorates the vase. Blue

Col. Prince Pavel R. Avalov-Bermondt

Another portrait of this Russian aristocrat and adventurer. An almost futuristic one. He started his own campaign against the triumphant revolutionary forces. In those very same years, Boccioni and Mach

Speed of life

A music by David Bowie, not a song. Pure rhythm, banging drums, obsessive electrical guitars. Two motorcycles darting by. The City above, around and beyond. Lines by Lou Reed’s “Set

Coors (Was ist Angst)

A crowded bar at night, youths, socialites. Neon signs, the most exciting darkness. Someone talking, someone drinking. You can feel the music, everything’s fine and dynamic. So what’s the face