Volleyball Player

This nude is obviously inspired by the works of the Russian painter Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Deyneka. It is a homage to a powerful painter, to the artist who represented at best

Cossacks and Wolves

Both Cossacks and wolves embody the same savage hunting energy. as they both move in groups and change their territories at need. There something sacred in them, deep and ancient,

Vasily Ivanovich Chapayev

Portrait of Russian communist Cossack. Out of a poor peasant family, he fought in the Civil War against the White Armies. He met his own death while fighting. He became

Eivissa at dusk

Ibiza’s island Catalan name. A couple, an old Alfa Romeo spider, top down. A rural landscape, Salinas and a small lonely farmhouse. The quiet sunset lighting. Feel the wind in


A hazy scene, two old immortals quietly. The icy shades of blue recall the extremely northern and undefined lands of the Hyperboreans, where land and sea merge indistinctly. Immortality has

Gerhard Rossbach

An interesting figure among the military Freikorps leaders during the Weimar Republic. He led his own army, he and his men made an epic march from Berlin to Riga and

Nikolai Ilyich Podvoisky

Podvoisky was in the first St. Petersburg turmoil in 1905 and then all along the revolutionary years. A priest’s son, he played various roles, leading armed insurrections and various soviet

Rêves (Blue Tucano)

The scene is all about love: idealized, reached and then vanished. A complex scene, intertwined. A big billboard displays an embracing couple , the movie title says “Starlite Lovers”. Hollywood-like.


A sad magician wearing a mask, seated on a throne. The City is next to him, as a wish of vital force. A motorcycle, vitality. But the painted runes, and


This canvas bears the name of the composition by Richard Strauss. Mantua again is on the background, a mourning cemeterial statue in close up. The texture under the paint layers

Pisanello’s Perceval

Pisanello frescoes in the Ducal Palace, Mantua. Virgil, the Roman Poet who was from Mantua, sits on the left. In front of him, Perceval. Another warrior carries a shield with

St. George

An ancient saint, patron of Armenia, who was also depicted in a highest military decoration of the former Russian Empire. The Knight who slayed the Dragon. The interior of an

Tokyo Maenads

How much of Japanese taste is in those icons collected from the western world: the legendary AC Cobra – the all American sports car from the ‘60, the stylish elite


W. H. Auden again. A quote, a deeply lonesome though handsome guy is standing. The City is the background. An empty sofa takes the scene. No matter how to explain

Bay City Blues

Raymond Chandler’s not around, just motorcycles swarming around a City, a gigantic dance. It’s a celebration, it’s a goodbye. There are words on this canvas, you might try to decipher.

Marcus Meister

An old friend’s name. California, back then. A house interior, a bookshelf, Le Corbusier’s chaise longue. A lonesome man. And a painting, with a model, a recurring model. An image


An American seashore at dusk. The City, its lights far away, across a bay or an estuary. A motorcycle, a front end of an old red muscle car, with the


Zalmoxis’ favorite model, BG. She enjoys cigarette smoking. She’s holding a cigarette and puffing smoke rings in a painting, the ashtray’s full and a spiral of smoke soars from it.

My Girl

Guess an apartment looking down on Central Park. A luxury call house. Three girls, half naked, expensive escorts waiting for their lofty tricks? A fourth one is portrayed on a