The tsarist officer’s mistress

A frozen night in the immense plains of Russia. A nowhere place. The ravaging civil war. Tsarists against Bolsheviks. Against anarchists and all sorts of local ephemeral powers. White Russian

The Bloody Baron (Roman Fedorovic von Ungern Sternberg)

He was the last one to fall, at the very end of the great Civil War that changed the world. A legend. He dominated part of the immense Siberia, Mongolia.

The Goddess Isis

Here she is, seated on a red velvet throne. Her diadem is the Moon, the tamed Lion at her right. A most disturbing beauty, androgynous at least. She is playing

Demon of War (gen. Walter Krüger)

This is a good companion of the aged saturnine judge. This is the Man of Violence. As in the real life of Walter Krüger, who fought three wars, gave his

Imperator Maximilianus I (after A. Dürer)

Grandfather to the Emperor Carl V, Maximilianus I von Absburg , as in the original by Dürer, he holds a pomegranate in his left hand, his features more than distinguishable.

Liegende Frau

Back to the ‘20s. Germany. Weimar Republic. Chaos. Creativity beyond limits. Music. Movies. Art. Poetry. Feel the rhythm, the magic of those years. Anything later in art was a Deja-vu

Col. Prince Bermondt-Avalov (I)

Pavel Rafalovich Bermondt-Avalov was a tsarist officer in the staff of the General Prince Anatoly Pavlovich Lieven. When the Revolution exploded in Russia, they both, and afterwards Bermondt-Avalov on his

Gen. Rüdiger, Graf (Count) von der Goltz

Gen. von der Goltz was a Prussian aristocrat and a soldier. He himself came from a long line of soldiers He had fought against Russia from 1914 to 1918. He


A young woman, dressed in a somewhat oriental garment, is sitting on a fancy sofa. Behind her , a huge window overlooks the City. A song line by the U2

Night (after Michelangelo)

The nude is inspired to the sculpture for Giuliano de’Medici duke of Nemours’ funeral monument, in Sagrestia di San Lorenzo, Florence. There is no sadness at all. The posture of

Gen. ‘Vrangel bei Murnau

Even when he abandoned Russia with his eponymous fleet, moved to Serbia and then to Belgium to meet his own dead, Gen. ‘Vrangel (von Wrangel, as a German Baltic) did

Mary Queen of Stars

This painting was conceived as a Madonna sent back to her own times. A veil as an anticipated Hijab. A meditation about the crown of stars which surrounds the head.

City Kills

This is dark Pop. Plain. An American icon on the foreground. AC Cobra. This car is featured In some other paintings, now in United States and Poland. Retro-chic. Awfully expensive.


Bright colors, but this is no joyful painting. We are hosted in an elegant lounge, a wide window overlooking midtown Manhattan, a young gentleman comfortably settled on a design sofa,

Nymphe (Schiksa)

“Before war, our peasant girl’s ankles were much thicker than now”, comments the titled protagonist of “The Resurrection of Maltravers” by Alexander Lernet-Holenia, talking to his brother, both of them

Riga, 1919

This painting stems from literature and history. But first of all, it is out of personal history. Riga, the capital of Lettonia, was a place where we used to live,


This is double profile portrait of a married couple, as from it German title. They both stand, his own a volitional expression, hers a more enigmatic gaze of seduction. They

Black Dancer with Satyr

A dancing Satyr is on the background, apparently a full figure portrait. His posture, arching backward , is typical in the iconography of the ecstatic dance of Maenads and Satyrs,


The myth of the half-bull and half- man son of the Cretan king Minos and his wife Pasiphae (remind Racine’s tragedy) held captive in the Labyrinth, a palace built especially

Max und Moritz

This painting is a deeply contradictory one. Its title stems from the proto-cartoon published in Germany in the second half of 19th century, representing the adventures of two rebellious kids.